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Abril 2010

Blogs Added:

Hard Rock Generation
Blog name: Hard Rock Generation
Genres: 80s & 90s Hard Rock,Glam,A.O.R.

Bounded By Metal
Blog Name = Bounded By Metal
Address =
Genre = Thrash/Heavy/SPeed/Death/black/Power Metal and Rock
Posts every Day

Sun Behind The Fog
Blog name: Sun Behind The Fog
Genres: Neofolk, Neoclassical, Post-Rock, Dark Ambient, Industrial, ...

Just Real Diamonds
Blog name: Just Real Diamonds
Genre: heavy metal, hard rock, AOR,70's psych/prog rock
posts: 2-4 per month

Melodic Rock AOR zero day
Blog Name = Melodic Rock AOR zero day
Address =
Genre = Melodic Hard Rock, AOR
Posts every Month/Week/Day = 4 posts/week

Frozen Landscape
Blog name: Frozen Landscape
Genres: Black Metal, Depressive Black Metal, Ambient Black Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal