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June 2009

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Metal Music Portal
Address =

With: Autumnblaze, Arcana Coelestia, Atvenas Wake, HKY, Ungraved...

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Genre: New Albums 2009/Black metal/Doom Metal/Death Metal/Gothic Metal etc...
Updated: Daily

With: Midnight Odyssey,
Sun of the Blind, Lethal Diabolic, Sadael & Vox Clamantis, Valknacht...

Rare MP3 Music
Address =
Genre: Hard Rock, Psychedelia,
Updated: Daily

With: Faust, Food Brain, Blues Creation, Throbbing Gristle, Rosetta Stone, Kursaal Flyers...

Swirling Madness
Genre: Hard Rock/Sleaze & Glam Rock/AOR/Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal
Updated: Daily

With: Warlock, Rata Blanca, Sangre Azul, Zinatra, Billy Idol...

Address =
Genre = Hard Rock/AOR/Melodic
Updated = weekly

With: BB Steal, Intruder, Ransom, 2 Die 4, Seven...